What we do

Bespoke printing and framing

We offer a full range of framing solutions to meet all requirements. From one-off bespoke frames to framing artist exhibition pieces and doing bulk order & production runs. Contact us to see what we can offer you.

[ Custom Framing ]

Made to your specifications
  • Large selection of frame styles & colours
  • Unique hand made Italian frames
  • Mat boards to compliment your art
  • Standard, Anti-Reflection & UV glasses

[ 2D Art ]

Drawings | Paintings | Photos | Canvases
  • Conservation Framing techneques
  • Presentation Framing techneques
  • Pre made frames
  • Canvases stretching & Tray Frames

[ 3D Art & Objects ]

Medals | Coins | Memorabilia | Objects
  • No object too big or small
  • Custom made shadow boxes
  • Unique memorabilia options
  • Preserving your collectables


We love printing

We love printing your photos, digital art & art prints. We pride ourselves on being able to produce the faultless printing you deserve.

Chris is a photographer who has been printing for over 10 years. His experience, eye for detail & love for printing will ensure you love your prints.

We print with a couple of printers depending on the size and paper required. We use a 44″ (1.1m wide) Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400 Large Format printer. Using 12 colour LUCIA-EX ink it produces brilliant colour results that will not fade. For smaller photo prints we use an Epson SureLab P700

Large Format Printing
We use Fine Art papers. With these papers we can print up to 44″ (1100mm) on the short side. All prints are hand trimmed.

Ilford Textured Cotton Rag
Create vibrant, long-lasting fine art prints with the GALERIE Prestige Textured Cotton Rag Paper from Ilford. Made with a 100% cotton rag, it features a textured matte finish that will highlight your images. It has a heavy weight of 310 gsm along with a thickness of 20 mm and an opacity of >98%. Additionally, it does not use any optical brightening agents for longevity and is water resistant.

Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag
Create vibrant, long-lasting fine art prints with this GALERIE Prestige Smooth Cotton Rag Paper from Ilford. Made with a 100% cotton rag, it features a smooth matte finish. It has a heavy weight of 310 gsm along with a thickness of 19 mm and an opacity of >98%. It does not use any optical brightening agents for longevity and is water resistant. 

Ilford Smooth Pearl
Galerie Smooth Pearl Paper from Ilford features an HDR clear coat with excellent colour gamut, which provides your images with superb image quality and a high level of sharpness. Its a heavy basis weight of 310 gsm which provides the look and feel of traditional photo paper. Additionally, Smooth Pearl paper has an instant-dry surface with a unique pearl finish, which makes this paper an excellent choice for fine art printing.

Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss
Gold Fibre Gloss from Ilford features a wide colour gamut and a baryta (barium sulphate) layer with a traditional photo fiber base. The paper imitates the look of traditional silver halide photo paper. The paper’s 310 gsm weight provides a heavy, professional quality medium. The paper can be used for both black and white and color prints and provides the ability to imitate chemically toned sepia, gold, selenium & blue images. Additionally, it does not use optical brightening agents for maximum longevity and an opacity of >98%.

Other large format fine art printing papers available on request.

With our canvas we can print up to 40″ (1000mm) on the short side with still allowing for enough grip to wrap around the sides of the stretcher bar. All canvases are sealed after printing to help lock in the colour and allow for them to be wiped.

Ilford Galerie Fine Art Canvas
Get beautiful images with excellent image sharpness and smooth color gradations with Galerie Fine Art Canvas Galicia from Ilford. This stretchable canvas paper has high resistance to cracking and superior framing performance. It’s a bright white paper with excellent color gamut and is designed to deliver the best in professional photographic digital prints.

We use 3 different types of photo printing, a mat, glossy and semi glossy paper. With photo printing we print up to 8” on the short side. Photos are trimmed automatically.


We have teamed up with Pioneer Framing (our online platform) to provide you with a convenient way to get your artwork printed and framed suited to the budget that works for you.

In 4 easy steps ]

Our online ordering system will take you through the whole process in four easy steps.

Upload your images

Uploaded image to our online service

Choose mat & frame


Select paper & glass

Various options

Payment & Delivery

Pay online and we will do the rest

Benefits of custom framing

People wonder whether there’s a difference between custom picture framing and purchasing a “standard” Ready-made, store-bought frame from a chain store. YES there is a difference, and it can matter greatly, especially if the artwork or item you intend to put in that frame has any sort of value or is of a specific dimension.

Framing is about more than just preservation – it also enhances your artwork, treasures and mementos. Custom framing is a great way to preserve and present art or valuable pieces. But in addition to keeping your precious memorabilia safe and in good condition, it also provides other benefits: Archive quality materials – prevent yellowing, fading or degrading.

Often, prefabricated frames are not entirely safe to use as a means to preserve your artwork or treasures. This is due to the materials not being acid-free. This can cause certain issues, such as discoloration or breakdown of materials. On the other hand, custom frames made by professional frame makers are made from high-quality materials and can offer you the assurance that your valuable belongings will not age with time.

Customized presentation – you can choose (with our help) what is best for your artwork or mementos.
Custom frames are a great way to help protect, present and enhance the beauty of your treasures or art. They offer better preservation through acid-free materials designed to guard the content from light and other environmental hazards, and they can be made to suit any taste and budget while still offering high quality.

Not sure what to do with that sports memorabilia trapped in your closet? Why not bring them in and let us help you.

1. The aesthetic component of a custom frame can enhance your artwork, photographs, and other keepsakes by giving them that finished look as well as adding pizzazz to your home’s interior. Give your family & friends something to talk about.

2. The practical part: Custom framing helps ensure that your pieces are protected from fading, breaking down, and becoming damaged over the long term.

3. Custom framing is suitable for almost anything – from paintings and drawings to photographs and needlework and other 3D keepsakes.

4. Ever considered adding a frame to one of your mirrors? Framed mirrors provide a quick and easy way to add dimension and style to any environment.

5. DIY framing methods can ruin your pieces, so beware! Do it yourself projects are fun but, sometimes they just don’t give you the results you were expecting. A custom framing expert has the knowledge and skill to get your projects off on the right foot and looking top notch. Consider framing your items by a skilled framer who can explain the benefits of the different types of glass, mat boards and moulding designs.

Come in and see us and we can provide you with the service and professional advice you deserve – we do NO OBLIGATION, FREE QUOTES.

Our framing suppliers bring in mouldings from all over the world, as well as manufacturing many right here in NZ.

When deciding on the perfect frame for your piece, you will have so many choices, you should always be able to find the perfect one to suit your home and budget.

We complete each frame by hand, down to the millimetre, to fit your space or match an existing piece already on your wall.

The main reason to add a mat or surround into your frame is to keep whatever you are framing from touching and sometimes, sticking to the glass.

Other than that, it is purely a decoration to enhance your artwork, photograph or object.
You can have as many different layers and colours of board as you like, stacked together, along with many individual holes for images, square, rectangular, oval, words or whatever shape you like.

Mat-boards also come in different thicknesses or textures to really enhance your piece. Just come in and see our sample range.

If you have an existing frame and a smaller image you want to put in it we can cut mats to suit.

Glass is the most important choice when making your framing decisions.  We have the different options displayed around our gallery in store if you are unsure of what you need on your piece.

Our glass options are:

Clear glass This is the best value and will protect your piece from the immediate surroundings, (dust, fingerprints, fly spots, etc) but thats about it.

Anti-Reflection This gives the impression, when standing in front of your artwork, that there is no glass on it at all, so you can see all the details of your artwork. 

UV glass. If you want to protect your piece from fading & aging, (which it will in any light, not just direct sunlight), you need to use a UV protection glass.

Conservation clear glass blocks up to 99% of UV light rays to protect against fading.

Museum glass is the best glazing option available, blocking up to 99% of UV light rays to protect against fading as well as being almost invisible with an anti-reflection quality as well.

It all comes down to the lifespan you want your artwork to have. If it’s something that you want to hand down to your kids, it really is worth the extra to protect it, so they have something that looks as good in years to come as it does now.